Germany backs 2.4GW onshore wind in latest tender


July 5, 2024

Germany’s Federal Network Agency has awarded support for 189 developments totalling almost 2.4GW in its latest onshore wind tender.

The agency has awarded support for projects at prices of between €0.072/kWh and €0.0735/kWh each. It backed most projects in the country’s North-Rhine Westphalia region (68 schemes totalling 727MW), followed by Lower Saxony (26 totalling 430MW) and Schleswig-Holstein (17 totalling 218MW).

Klaus Müller, president of the Federal Network Agency, said: “With bids submitted for nearly 2.5GW, this auction sets a new record and confirmed the upward trend of bids and approval numbers. If this positive trend continues then the expansion targets for onshore wind are within reach.”

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