Glass maker signs PPA at 161MW RPC project


January 29, 2024

European glass maker Ardagh Group has signed a 10-year deal with Renewable Power Capital for all of the output from the 161MW Vitberget wind farm in Sweden.

RPC has signed the power purchase agreement with Ardagh subsidiary Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe, and the PPA is due to take effect when the project is commissioned in early 2026. The PPA covers around 40% of AGP-Europe’s power load. Scheider Electric advised Ardagh.

Steve Hunter, managing director of power markets and asset management at RPC, said: “PPAs are an integral part of RPC’s investment strategy, allowing us to secure long-term, stable cash flows without the need for subsidies.

Martin Peterson, chief executive at AGP-Europe, said the deal would make a significant contribution to helping the company reduce its carbon emissions: “Not only does it demonstrate our commitment to progressing our sustainability roadmap, but it also shows how we continue to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions.”

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