GMG & Rio Tinto sign aluminium-ion battery deal

May 18, 2023

Australia-headquartered Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) and Rio Tinto have signed a binding joint development agreement (JDA) with the goal of accelerating the development and application of GMG’s graphene aluminium-ion batteries in heavy mobile equipment and grid energy storage applications in the mining and mineral industry. 

Rio Tinto will contribute technical and operational performance criteria and A$6 million in exchange for preferential access rights.

The JDA builds on an existing collaboration in which Rio Tinto is exploring the use of GMG’s energy saving and energy storage systems. The latest JDA is effective immediately and is expected to last two years with payments spread over the term of the agreement. The JDA aims to co-develop GMG’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion battery pouch cell into an initial battery pack/module proof of concept.