Gotion Japan, Daiwa & CO2OS enter 1GWh Japanese storage agreement

March 27, 2024

Gotion Japan, a subsidiary of Gotion High-Tech Co, has entered into a collaborative agreement with Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure Co. Ltd, and CO2OS in Tokyo, Japan for the joint development, operation and maintenance of 1GWh of energy storage projects in Japan.

Under the terms of the agreement, Gotion Japan will be responsible for supplying energy storage cells and technical support for daily operation and maintenance. Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure Co. Ltd will handle project feasibility assessments and offer financial support, while CO2OS will manage the operation and maintenance of the energy storage assets, and provide additional technical support as needed.

It is expected that over the next two years, the deal will involve the provision of 1GWh of energy storage, a statement said.