Gresham House upgrades two UK storage assets to add 100MWh of capacity

July 4, 2024

Gresham House Energy Storage Fund (GRID) has upgraded two of its UK energy storage assets to two-hour duration, adding 100MWh of additional operating capacity.

The projects to be upgraded were the Enderby (50MW) and West Didsbury (50MW) sites.

GRID said both sites had been “designed for these upgrades from inception” and that both were now trading at their increased capacity.

The upgrades increase GRID’s operational capacity to more than 1GWh (1,030MWh).

Ben Guest, fund manager of Gresham House Energy Storage Fund plc & managing director of Gresham House New Energy, said: “We’re delighted to have exceeded 1GWh of operational assets, the first battery storage business in the UK to hit this milestone. As well as a memorable moment in GRID’s growth, this marks the continued progress in the UK’s energy transition with batteries being connected to balance rapidly rising renewable generation with demand.

“It is well documented that the UK BESS market is moving to a trading strategy dominated environment. The upgrade of these two sites to two-hour duration enables these projects to capitalise on that trading opportunity.”