Gridmatic launches $50m storage fund

August 9, 2023

Power marketer Gridmatic has launched a $50 million energy storage fund that the company will use to establish multi-year offtake contracts with asset owners to operate up to 500MW of energy storage using its AI algorithms.

Gridmatic will operate in the US’ ERCOT and CAISO markets.

The fund is divided into two tranches, with the initial one “successfully completed through a $24.95 million investment from a leading energy investor”, according to a statement.

Gridmatic has already begun operating a 50MW / 100MWh battery storage system in Texas using the fund.

Gridmatic ensures secured revenue streams for developers’ projects through offtake agreements, enabling them to obtain necessary financing. This, in turn, empowers storage developers to recycle their capital into the development of additional storage systems. Gridmatic is then able to maximise the returns of the contracted storage systems via its AI-enabled optimisation. 

Gridmatic says results have shown a 46 per cent increase in revenues when compared with actual results for storage systems in the ERCOT market in 2022. By decoupling project development and active management of the batteries, this structure de-risks the operational phase of a project for storage owners and “supports the growth of the energy storage industry”, the statement said.

“Through offering a new kind of investment opportunity, this fund represents an advance in the energy storage finance sector,” said David Miller, vice president of business development for Gridmatic. “The growth of renewables, as well as extreme weather, have led to increasing energy market volatility. Battery energy storage has emerged as a critical technology to provide stabilising services to the grid. By participating in our fund, investors can capitalise on this volatility without the responsibility of managing an entire battery project or development platform.”