H2Carrier plans 1.55GW Arctic wind-to-hydrogen complex


April 25, 2024

Norwegian developer H2Carrier has unveiled plans to build a power-to-X complex in the Arctic Circle including two onshore wind farms totalling 1.55GW and associated green hydrogen and ammonia production.

The company submitted the complex for consideration by the Norwegian Water Resources & Energy Directorate on 22nd April. The project is made up of the Oksefjorden wind farm in Lebesky and Gamvik municipalities; and the Rubbedalshøgda wind farm in Båtsfjord and Berlevåg municipalities. The four municipalities are in Finnmark county in northern Norway.

The two wind farms are set to produce around 6,356GWh of power annually. They would be linked to a fuel complex that would produce 109,000 tonnes of green hydrogen and 610,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually.

Mårten Lunde, chief executive of H2Carrier, said: “It is important to us that the projects have been developed and designed in a close co-operation with the host municipalities. The limited grid capacity in Finnmark represents a bottle neck for development of new renewable power. By establishing new green industries on a floating production vessel adjacent to the wind farm, we are no longer dependent on an expansion of the national grid.”

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