Habitat & Gresham House extend battery optimisation deal

June 30, 2023

Battery storage optimiser Habitat Energy has signed a framework agreement with UK investor Gresham House Energy Storage Fund (GRID), which extends their battery optimisation partnership to more than 500MW. 

The agreement makes Habitat Energy the single largest optimiser of batteries on GRID’s behalf, with 337MW of new battery storage assets expected to come on-line in the next 12 months.

Ben Guest, fund manager, GRID, said: “Best-in-class asset optimisation is critical to maximise the value of our portfolio and Habitat Energy have proven their ability to deliver. They combine sophisticated trading capabilities and market insight with advanced automation and a deep understanding of our assets. We’re confident that their merchant-first approach will continue to deliver for our portfolio and look forward to growing our partnership in the UK.”

Andrew Luers, CEO of Habitat Energy said: “Energy markets globally are undergoing rapid transformation in the race to net zero, creating huge opportunities for investors. Gresham House Energy Storage Fund is leading the way in the UK battery storage industry and we’re grateful for the trust they have put in our team. This framework agreement reflects our ability to consistently deliver market-leading returns on their behalf, optimising a range of assets, each with unique characteristics, in a complex and rapidly evolving market.”