Hy Stor picks 1GW Nel electrolysers for Mississippi hub


April 26, 2024

Green hydrogen developer Hy Stor Energy has ordered 1GW of alkaline electrolysers from Nel Hydrogen for its Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub project in the US.

Nel is set to provide alkaline and proton exchange membrane (MEM) electrolysers for the first phase of the hub project. The company is set to begin producing electrolysers in Herøya, Norway, for the scheme in 2025, 2026 and early 2027.

The Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub is set to be the largest zero-carbon off-grid hydrogen production and salt cavern storage hub in the US, but Hy Stor has yet to take a final investment decision.

Håkon Volldal, president and chief executive at Nel, said: “This project can enable significant carbon emission reductions and leave in its wake a blueprint for successful, large-scale green hydrogen projects.”

He added: “Without ambitious pioneers, decarbonization at scale will not happen. Pioneers aim to do today what most people say can’t be done in years. To me, Hy Stor Energy is such a bold pioneer, and it makes me proud that the company has chosen Nel as its electrolyser partner on this game-changing project.”

Laura Luce, chief executive and founder of Hy Stor Energy, said: “Trailblazing the development of the green hydrogen economy will require innovation and collaboration among industry first movers, and Hy Stor Energy is leading the charge in the production, storage and delivery of green hydrogen for emission-free manufacturing, transportation, and energy solutions. By pairing Nel’s technology with the Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub project, we’re ready to deliver tangible results for our customers.”

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