Lithuania cancels 700MW offshore tender


April 16, 2024

Lithuania’s National Energy Regulatory Council has cancelled the country’s latest 700MW offshore wind tender after it only attracted one bid, from Ignitis Renewables.

The government announced yesterday that the tender has not taken place because it said there must be at least two bidders, and added that it would re-launch the process later this year. The tender is for a site in the Baltic Sea with the potential for up to 700MW of offshore wind capacity.

Lithuania’s Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys said the failure of this tender reflected the rising costs of offshore wind and supply chain disruption, as well as geopolitical tensions in the surrounding region.

He said: “The second 700MW offshore wind farm is a project of strategic importance and absolutely necessary for Lithuania’s energy independence. Therefore, after consultations with market players, the tender will be relaunched as soon as possible. During these consultations we need to find out what specific conditions would maximise the attractiveness of the project and increase its resilience to market fluctuations.”

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