Modo Energy: Dispatched battery volume in GB ESO Balancing Mechanism up 47%

March 18, 2024

Weekly dispatched battery energy storage volume in Great Britain’s ESO Balancing Mechanism has increased 47 per cent in the last eight weeks, according to data from Modo Energy.

ESO relaunched bulk dispatch for battery energy storage units in the Balancing Mechanism on 8 January 2024 – the increase in weekly dispatched battery energy storage volume is 47 per cent up on the eight weeks prior to the relaunch.

The increase comes from both system-flagged and energy actions and was mostly led by an increase in offer volume, which rose by 54 per cent. Around 50 per cent of battery unit dispatch volume is being instructed through the Open Balancing Platform (OBP), based on ESO data.

Modo Energy also reported that:

  • 86 per cent of individual battery units have experienced an increase in dispatch volume. The remaining 14 per cent has seen a reduction since the relaunch of bulk dispatch.
  • Dispatch rates are now more influenced by price and less so by unit size. More competitively priced assets are seeing higher dispatch rates.
  • Units in Scotland are also seeing higher levels of system-flagged actions as part of ESO’s overall strategy to enhance the utilization of storage units in the Balancing Mechanism.