Nordex develops 500kW alkaline electrolyser


June 18, 2024

Nordex has unveiled a prototype of a 500kW alkaline electrolyser that is optimised to work with intermittent wind production.

The German turbine maker designed, made and assembled the electrolyser in Spain via its subsidiary Nordex Electrolysers, which is a joint venture with the government of Spanish community Navarra.

The prototype is intended to produce over 10kg per hour of  hydrogen with energy consumption of less than 50kWh/kg.

Luis Sollar, chief executive of Nordex Electrolysers, said: “This prototype is part of Nordex Electrolyzers’ proposed business development plan, which aims to have the final design of its serialisable megawatt-scale product available by 2026.”

He added: “One of Nordex Electrolyzers’ commitments is the manufacture of high-quality and efficient electrolyzers, as well as a focus on sustainability and contribution to the transition towards a clean energy-based economy.”

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