Polarium & Altris enter sodium-ion battery partnership

December 12, 2023

Energy storage developer Polarium has entered into a partnership with Swedish sodium-ion battery developer Altris.

The two companies will “collaborate to develop and demonstrate an energy storage solution based on sodium-ion batteries,” a statement said.

It continued: “Altris’ sodium-ion battery cell has been validated for a best-in-class energy density of over 160 Wh/kg, with aspirations to exceed 200 Wh/kg, making it an optimal candidate for integration into Polarium’s energy storage systems. One of Polarium’s competitive advantages lies in the agnostic nature of its batteries to different chemistries. While Polarium’s current energy storage solutions are based on Lithium-ion, the company continues to push boundaries with its technology including new chemistry components such as sodium-ion.”

Stefan Jansson, founder and CEO of Polarium, said: “At Polarium, we always strive to work with the smartest, safest and most sustainable option for our cell-agnostic batteries. This flexibility allows us to quickly adapt to new technologies. We’re hopeful about the progress in this partnership and excited about the possibility of adding sodium-ion to Polarium’s product portfolio for a long-term collaboration.”

Björn Mårlid, CEO of Altris, said: “Altris wants to bring the world smarter, safer and truly sustainable batteries, free from conflict minerals and toxic elements. We are excited to team up with Polarium to explore the possibilities of using our state-of-the-art sodium-ion technology in energy storage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.”