Pulse & Habitat complete 100MW UK diesel-to-battery conversion

June 6, 2023

Pulse Clean Energy and Habitat Energy, an optimiser of battery storage and renewable energy assets, have activated four UK batteries totalling 100MWh as part of an innovative diesel-to-battery conversion programme.

The batteries are located at Briton Ferry and Tir John in South Wales, Willoughby in Warwickshire and Flatworth in the North East of England. 

Habitat Energy has worked closely with Pulse Clean Energy since it acquired the sites as part of a diesel-to-battery conversion and decarbonisation programme. The diesel sites have been decommissioned and repurposed as grid-scale battery storage and energy optimisation assets, with Habitat Energy advising throughout development and managing asset onboarding. 

Habitat Energy’s trading team will optimise each asset according to its specific characteristics and location, drawing on machine learning forecasting and algorithmic dispatch tools to maximise value across wholesale and ancillary service markets. 

Trevor Wills, CCO of Pulse Clean Energy said: “We are incredibly proud of the team’s work to convert these sites from diesel to batteries during this critical period of time in the evolution of the UK energy system.  The energisation of these facilities is an important first step in the work Pulse Clean Energy is doing to improve grid stability and security, and to support the UK’s net zero transition.  Built on shared values, we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Habitat as our battery portfolio grows.”

Jon Doughty, UK managing director of Habitat Energy added: “We share Pulse Clean Energy’s commitment to building a sustainable energy future and we’re delighted they have chosen us to optimise their first four operational batteries. The UK’ energy system is rapidly evolving and battery storage is absolutely critical to the success of that evolution.  Our combination of AI-powered analytics and expert human optimisers is fundamental to achieving market-leading results in this continuously changing market.”

Pulse Clean Energy is an investor, developer and holder of energy flexibility assets backed by Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO), a Canadian institutional investor with $73 billion assets under management.