Renewables stalwart Metelo launches port specialist


January 16, 2024

Renewable energy stalwart João Metelo has launched a company called Gateway Zero to develop and invest in next-generation ports for the energy transition.

Metelo has held executive roles in high-profile renewables firms including EDP Renewables North America, Principle Power and Skyborn Renewables. He said Gateway Zero aims to unlock investments in ports to support the growth of sectors including offshore wind and green hydrogen production.

“Ports have a pivotal role to play in enabling the global energy transition, with the potential not only to act as critical supply chain hubs for offshore renewables, but also in the longer term to become centres for the decarbonisation of the maritime sector and deployment of co-located clean energy and green fuels infrastructure,” he said.

Metelo added that the firm’s goal was to “play a meaningful role in building out a new asset class with enormous long-term strategic value” and become “the partner of choice for asset owners and capital providers opening up the world’s energy gateways”.