RWE begins construction of 330MW of UK solar with 45MW of co-located storage

March 18, 2024

RWE has begun construction on seven new UK solar-storage projects with a total combined capacity of 330MW of solar power with 45MW of battery storage.

The projects are the first to be constructed from the solar portfolio secured by RWE through its acquisition of JBM Solar.

The first of the seven sites is due to become fully operational by the end of 2024, with the remainder to “follow shortly after”, a RWE statement said. The company also said it would contribute a total of £645,000 in community benefits to the neighbouring area.

The projects are:

  • Langford – 35MW solar + 35MW BESS.
  • Claydon – 45MW solar +10MW BESS
  • Cotmoor – 50MW
  • Moreton Lane – 50MW
  • Doverdale – 50MW
  • Stoneshollow – 50MW
  • Ashorne – 50MW

Once fully operational, the sites will be capable of meeting the average annual electricity needs of over 140,000 typical UK homes, reducing UK carbon emissions by an estimated 8 million tonnes during their lifetime. The projects have all secured contracts for difference.

RWE has awarded construction contracts to two UK-based contractors, Ethical Power and also Equans UK & Ireland, under its brand Equans Solar & Storage.

Katja Wünschel, CEO RWE Renewables Europe & Australia: “The deployment of these seven new projects represents a significant milestone for RWE as we grow and diversify our clean energy portfolio through solar and battery power, in one of our most strategically important markets.  Quick to deploy and using the most modern solar technologies, we aim to maximise the generation potential of these sites for the UK; with a national target to increase solar capacity five-fold by 2035 and similar for battery storage, our projects will play a key role in helping ensure the UK decarbonises its power grid and achieves its challenging net zero targets.”

Tom Kneen, CEO and founder of Ethical Power: “We are proud to have been selected by RWE for this market-leading development where we’ll be able to showcase the full scope of our capabilities. Together with RWE, we will continue to drive the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy systems realising the immense potential of clean energy. We’re at the cutting edge of technological development. Providing optimum performance and the highest quality of service is of paramount importance to us. Working on the DC coupled battery storage with RWE affords us the opportunity to do this again at scale. We’ll use the depth of knowledge and experience within our teams to help bring new ideas and technology to the UK market.”

Gregory Allouis, Energy Solutions Director for Equans UK & Ireland: “We are very pleased to support RWE in the delivery of their UK ambitions through leveraging our expertise in energy engineering innovation in the solar market.  Across multiple projects, we will deploy diverse and state-of-the-art technologies that will provide the UK economy with clean energy produced locally. Furthermore, our works will benefit local communities and create jobs. There is no time to waste to fight global warming and, as engineers, it is our duty to play our part now. By working in partnership with RWE, we can together accelerate the path to net zero.”