RWE finalises €24m investment decision for 41MWh storage project

September 22, 2023

RWE has finalised a €24 million investment decision for a 35MW / 41MWh battery storage project at its biomass plant in Eemshaven in the Netherlands.

A total of 110 lithium-ion battery racks – covering an area of around 3,000 square metres –  are to be installed at the plant. 

“The battery project is an important step towards a portfolio of innovative demand assets to optimally integrate the weather-related fluctuating power generation profile of the ‘OranjeWind’ offshore wind farm into the Dutch energy system, a RWE statement said. “In 2022, RWE had secured the implementation of the offshore project off the Dutch coast with a system integration concept that combines the wind farm with the generation of green hydrogen and other solutions such as battery storage.”

The planned battery storage facility can operate at its installed capacity of 35 MW for over an hour. This is sufficient to charge around 800 electric vehicles. The system has been designed to be virtually coupled across technologies with RWE power plants in the Netherlands.

Roger Miesen, CEO of RWE Generation and country chair for the Netherlands, said: “With the increasing share of renewable energies in the electricity mix, the demand for flexible battery storage is also rising. With this large-scale project, RWE is gaining experience in the marketing of energy storage systems on the Dutch energy markets and is actively contributing towards stabilising the Dutch electricity grid.”