RWE to repower German onshore wind pair


February 14, 2024

German utility RWE Renewables is set to double the headline capacity of two onshore wind farms in Germany’s Lower Saxony region to 61.8MW.

The 11-turbine 19.8MW Lesse wind farm is set to be repowered with eight modern turbines totalling 44.7MW; and the six-turbine 10.8MW Barbecke wind farm is set to be be repowered with three turbines totalling 17.1MW.

Katja Wünschel, chief executive for RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, said: “Electricity production at both sites will more than triple. Repowering is therefore making an important contribution to the success of the energy transition. But it is not only the climate that benefits, since we voluntarily pay an RWE climate bonus of 0.2 cents per kilowatt hour produced to the local communities.”

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