Shell & Volkswagen launch innovative charging station in Germany

May 9, 2023

Shell Germany and the Volkswagen Group have put into operation a 150 kW Elli Flexpole charging station – an innovative battery storage system that enables connection to a low voltage grid – at a Shell service station in Göttingen, Germany.

Similar charging stations are also planned for elsewhere in Germany and Europe.

“With the Elli Flexpole solution, one of the biggest hurdles of expansion could be overcome,” a statement said. “The Flexpole chargers can be connected directly to the low-voltage grid thanks to the integrated battery system, without the need for a special transformer or costly construction work. As a result, the installation time is significantly reduced.”

Volkswagen said Flexpole charging stations enable a charging speed of up to 150 kW. Depending on the vehicle, a range of up to 160 kilometres can be charged within 10 minutes.