Solargis & GroundWork conduct solar testing for Convergent Puerto Rico solar-storage project

March 21, 2024

Energy storage system provider Convergent Energy and Power has partnered with Solargis and GroundWork to conduct a solar resource assessment for an unnamed solar-plus-storage in Puerto Rico.

“For hybrid projects under development in tropical regions, a clear understanding of the solar resource is essential for informing robust project design and navigating regional variability to model future financial performance,” a statement said.

Solargis worked with Groundwork on the project to generate high-resolution satellite-based synthetic data at one-minute intervals by correlating satellite data with high-frequency weather and solar irradiance ground measurements. “The two companies have also run comprehensive quality control checks on both the satellite and ground-based datasets,” the statement added.

In July 2022,  it was announced that Convergent’s Puerto Rico subsidiary had entered into a power purchase and operating agreement with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) for a 100 MW solar generation project paired with a 55 MW battery to be located in Coamo, Puerto Rico, a town in the south-central region of the island.

Jolyon Dent, VP of analytics at Convergent, said: “We need a clear understanding of the solar resource to make informed decisions and successfully model the financial viability of our projects. The services that both Solargis and GroundWork provide are constantly evolving and becoming more important as the demand for reliable solar resource information grows.”

Marcel Suri, CEO, Solargis, said: “Working in highly variable terrain within certain geographies can lead to significant resource depletion and financial uncertainty. Developing and operating solar-plus-storage systems in these regions requires reliable resource information to improve risk mitigation.”