Southeast Asia’s ‘first floating & stacked’ ESS deployed by Seatrium

October 23, 2023

Southeast Asia’s first “floating and stacked” energy storage system (ESS) has been deployed at Seatrium Floating Living Lab (FLL) and will commence operations in the first quarter of next year, a statement from Singapore’s Energy Market Authority said.

The floating ESS at Seatrium’s FLL has a maximum storage capacity of 7.5 MWh and can meet the electricity needs of more than 600 four-room Housing & Development  Board households for one day, in a single discharge. The Energy Market Authority said the ESS is integrated with “intelligent energy management” systems supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enhance operational efficiency and energy dispatch. 

“The stacked ESS is a key component of an integrated floating energy solution that could help to overcome Singapore’s land constraints, with a deployment footprint of up to 40 per cent less than land-based ESS,” the statement added.

The project was awarded to a consortium led by Univers (formerly Envision Digital International Pte Ltd), which is part of a S$10 million partnership between the Energy Market Authority and Seatrium – announced in 2020 –  to develop innovative energy solutions in the marine sector.

“The fast response nature of ESS also allows it to actively manage mismatches in electricity supply and demand, and helps regulate second-to-second fluctuations in the power grid,” the statement said. 

Ngiam Shih Chun, chief executive of the Energy Market Authority, said: “Given Singapore’s limited land area, we need innovative solutions for our energy infrastructure such as Seatrium’s floating solution for energy storage. I thank our industry partners for their commitment in developing sustainable energy solutions.” 

Chris Ong, CEO of Seatrium, added: “We are proud to be at the forefront of developing innovative energy solutions in the offshore, marine and energy industries. The deployment of Singapore’s first floating and stacked ESS at Seatrium’s FLL is testament to our commitment towards leveraging technology and innovation to optimise energy efficiency and reduce our operational footprint.”