SSE plans 6GW of Japanese offshore wind projects


March 11, 2024

British utility SSE’s Japanese subsidiary SSE Pacifico is planning to develop 6GW of offshore wind projects in the country, a key executive has said.

SSE is an 80% shareholder in joint venture company SSE Pacifico, which it formed with local group Pacifico Energy in 2012. The firm has so far focused on developing solar farms in Japan, but is now looking to expand in offshore wind too.

Dai Karasawa, president at SSE Pacifico, said: “My target is to bring one project per year to be auctioned … from the later half of this decade.”

SSE Pacifico’s offshore wind developments including a 500MW scheme off the coast of Mihama in Wakayama Prefecture and a 500MW scheme off Omaezaki in Shizuoka Prefecture.

He added: “Since we’ve been talking with the local stakeholders and we know the site, we have a good probability of being awarded once these sites are designated as the auction areas from the latter half of this decade.”

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