Statkraft chooses Fluence for UK battery project

September 4, 2023

Statkraft has chosen Fluence Energy UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Fluence Energy, Inc., to deliver its first battery-based energy storage project connected directly to the transmission network. 

The energy storage system will be installed at Neilston Greener Grid Park in Renfrewshire, Scotland. “Unlike other operational energy storage systems in the UK, Statkraft’s project will be able to provide inertia and short-circuit power to the grid to keep it stable,” a statement said.

The project will be delivered as part of the NOA Stability Pathfinder, a UK National Grid programme that seeks new ways of increasing transmission network stability as the fossil fuel generators that have played this role so far are being phased out – the last coal power stations are scheduled to close by 2024.

Lloyd Godwin, principal project manager at Statkraft, said: “We are pleased to be working with Fluence who will be providing the technology for our Neilston Greener Grid Park project, which has recently started construction. The project will provide an essential service to stabilise the power grid and allow more renewable energy to be transmitted through the network, without relying on coal and gas-fired power stations. This means fewer harmful emissions, and lower bills for consumers, because renewable energy is cheaper.”

Brian Perusse, managing director of Fluence Energy UK, said: “Building on Fluence’s history in shaping the British energy storage market, we are delighted to partner with Statkraft, a pioneer in deploying grid stability services in the country. We look forward to delivering a battery-based energy storage system critical to increasing grid stability and enabling the integration of more low-cost renewable generation.”