Sungrow agrees 127 MWh EDF Israel supply deal

August 15, 2023

Energy storage system supplier Sungrow has signed a deal with EDF Renewables Israel to deliver liquid-cooling storage systems for six energy storage projects with a capacity of 127 MWh. 

Currently, around 12 per cent of Israel’s energy is derived from renewable sources, but the government aims to reach 30 per cent by 2030, with solar energy accounting for 26 per cent of this target. 

“We are pleased to partner with EDF Renewables Israel on this transformative project,” said Tzvi Ben David, general manager of Sungrow Israel. “This cooperation marks another step towards our shared vision of a sustainable and resilient energy future for Israel. Our liquid-cooling storage systems have proven their efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in previous installations, and we are confident they will play a vital role in ensuring a stable and sustainable power grid.”