Swedish storage developer SENS expands to Zimbabwe with Nyembesi agreement

January 12, 2024

Battery storage developer Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden (SENS) has expanded to Zimbabwe by entering into a collaboration agreement with Nyembesi Corporate Services Africa with a view to exploring and evaluating potential energy projects.

A SENS statement said the Zimbawean market had been identified as “particularly promising for the development of sustainable energy storage solutions”.

SENS will initially assist Nyembesi with data and information to find potential projects, and then lead the due diligence process and assess the feasibility of the projects.

Henrik Boman, CEO of SENS, said: “Our expansion to Zimbabwe represents a significant step in our international growth. By expanding our presence internationally, we become a more active participant in the global green transition. The current global energy landscape faces significant challenges, and with this strategic partnership, we intend to reinforce our international commitment to sustainable energy development, and we look forward to collaborating with Nyembesi.”

Wellington Pasipamire, CEO of Nyembesi, added: “The collaboration agreement with SENS is clear proof that technical solutions form the foundation of a carbon-neutral and energy-efficient future. It strengthens the ambitions from COP 28 and facilitates the implementation of climate-resilient strategies. The agreement targets Zimbabwe as benefactor of SENS’s expertise and capacity in energy storage and system solutions in various generative environments, in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.”