Tesvolt receives order for 65MW German battery storage park

July 5, 2024

Battery storage system company TESVOLT has received an order for batteries for a 65MW battery storage park located near the city of Worms in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate.

The park will be operated jointly by the local energy supplier EWR AG, the PV and storage project developer W POWER, and the construction project developer TIMBRA.

“The storage park in Worms marks a milestone on our journey, it is the largest order in our company’s history,” said Daniel Hannemann, CEO and co-founder of TESVOLT. “We are also proud that this power plant will significantly increase the amount of renewable energy in the grid, because PV and wind farms will have to be curtailed less.”

Andreas Wirth, managing director of W POWER, added: “With this project, we are making an important contribution to the flexibility and synchronisation of the electricity grid through the expansion of renewable energies. It is crucial for grid stability to harmonise electricity supply and demand — and this is rarely possible without large electricity storage systems. It is currently particularly interesting to trade in electricity reserves. The more efficient and durable the battery storage systems are, the more profitable the operation of a storage power plant will ultimately be. It was important for us to work with a partner who is on site and can react quickly as a storage expert in any situation.”