Thrive offers community ownership of UK battery

March 28, 2023

In what Thrive Renewables says is the first time in the UK that an energy storage project owner has given the local community an opportunity for shared ownership of a standalone commercial battery project, the company has teamed up with community energy group Bristol Energy Cooperative to give local residents the opportunity to own a share in a 20 MW battery located on Feeder Road in Bristol. 

The battery is currently being commissioned and when live will have the capacity to store and deliver 1.5 hours, or 30MWh, of electricity to the national and local grid. 

Thrive said it was focused on providing the “resident wildlife with more places to nest and shelter”. The plans include installing a number of bird, bat and invertebrate boxes, as well as planting trees, hedgerows, species rich grassland, shade scrub and native ferns that will strengthen local habitat corridors and provide wildlife with food, nectar and pollen. The biodiversity improvements at the site will amount to a total investment of £100,000, Thrive said.