Toyota & TEPCO develop stationary storage system

June 6, 2023

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) and Toyota Motor Corporation have developed a stationary storage battery system (1 MW output, 3 MWh capacity) that combines TEPCO’s operating technology and safety standards for stationary storage batteries and Toyota’s system technology for electrified vehicle storage batteries. 

This system will be installed at the Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm in Japan by Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation. A verification project will begin later this year.

The stationary storage battery system can be used in combination with existing PCS’ [power conversion systems, that is, equipment that connects storage batteries as a DC power source to supply AC power to the electric power system and various electrical equipment] by connecting multiple storage batteries for electric vehicles. The verification project will aim to confirm the system’s operation and performance as well as feasibility, including its potential for business use in the electricity market.

“TEPCO HD and Toyota will evaluate the results of the verification project and work to develop storage battery systems with an eye toward consumer-oriented energy services and balancing electricity supply and demand capabilities in order to meet the energy storage needs of customers,” a TEPCO statement said. “In addition, TEPCO HD and Toyota will promote the use of storage batteries throughout society by continuing their efforts to build an energy system through local production for local consumption, and realize a recycling-oriented society for electrified vehicle storage batteries.”