Transgrid launches storage tender

July 25, 2023

Transgrid has entered a competitive procurement process to buy services from battery storage projects in the Bathurst, Orange and Parkes areas and the New South Wales North West Slopes region in Australia.

The transmission network operator is seeking services from two separate battery energy storage systems (BESS) to be installed at substations at, or near, Panorama and Parkes, which could potentially be paired with other supporting technologies.

Transgrid will conduct a ‘market forum’ on 10 August and is inviting potential service providers to register.

Transgrid forecasts indicate electricity demand in the Bathurst, Orange and Parkes areas, as well as the North West Slopes, is expected to increase substantially. This is mainly due to the planned connection of new industrial loads, along with general load growth around Parkes, as well as number of significant industrial loads anticipated to connect – as well as general load growth – in Narrabri and Gunnedah in the North West Slopes.

Grid-scale batteries have been identified as part of the preferred options for maintaining a reliable supply to the Bathurst, Orange and Parkes areas and the North West Slopes region.

Marie Jordan, network executive general manager at Transgrid, said the selection of batteries followed a “thorough assessment of options”.

She added: “This marks a doubly significant milestone because when they were compared to other options grid-scale batteries came out on top in both regions in terms of providing the biggest benefits.

“Our grid is changing, which is why we’re going beyond the traditional poles and wires approach and embracing new technologies and business models to meet the needs of consumers and keep the system reliable.”

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