Trio plan 540MW floating wind-solar hybrid in Italy


March 1, 2024

New Developments, Green Arrow Capital and SolarDuck have teamed up to develop a project in Italy with 420MW of floating wind and 120MW of floating solar.

The trio are planning a project off the coast of Corigliano in Italy’s Calabria region, which they said would prove the potential for floating solar and hybrid floating developments in the Mediterranean. SolarDuck uses elevated platforms to allow solar PV panels to be deployed offshore in regions with significant wave heights.

Daniele Camponeschi, founder and chief investment officer at Green Arrow, said: “These cutting-edge infrastructures not only generate green energy contributing to sustainable energy transition and independence but also demonstrate their complementarity to onshore installations, preserving precious land resources.”

Koen Burgers, chief executive at SolarDuck, said: “With the current momentum, we believe this is a unique opportunity for the offshore renewable energy industry to help shape a favorable regulatory framework and facilitate the scaling of OFPV [offshore floating PV]. This is not just important for Italy, but also for other countries in the Mediterranean.”

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