Tucson Electric Power & UniSource launch 825MW energy storage RFP

January 18, 2024

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and UniSource Energy Services have launched a joint all-source request for proposals (ASRFP) for new generation facilities and energy storage systems.

TEP and UniSource are seeking bids for all resource types, including:

  • Up to 625MW of renewable and energy efficiency resources. This could include new wind and solar generating systems and new energy efficiency initiatives, including demand response programs that reduce usage during periods of high energy demand.
  • Up to 825 MW of ‘firm capacity’ resources that can be called on at any time, including energy storage systems designed to provide at least four hours of continuous energy every day during the summer for the companies to dispatch as needed. This also could include demand response programmes that provide incentives to customers who curtail energy usage at specific times of the day and year when usage is typically highest.

“We’re looking for opportunities to add reliable, cost-effective resources to satisfy the growing energy needs in communities we serve,” said Susan Gray, TEP president and CEO. “As in our previous ASRFP, we’re particularly interested in resources that can provide service during the late afternoon and early evening hours of summer, when our customers typically use the most energy.”

The ASRFP seeks submissions by March 8, 2024.