UK backs 11 green hydrogen projects in debut tender


December 14, 2023

The UK Government has backed 11 projects totalling 125MW, by companies including Carlton Power, EDF, Hygen and Scottish Power, in its first green hydrogen tender.

The UK started its debut green hydrogen tender in July 2022 and is now set to back the 11 projects at average strike prices of £241/MWh.

The winning projects are:

  • Barrow Green Hydrogen (21MW) by Carlton Power
  • Bradford Low Carbon Hydrogen (24.5MW) by Hygen
  • Cromarty Hydrogen (10.6MW) by Scottish Power and Storegga
  • Green Hydrogen 3 (10.6MW) by HYRO
  • HyBont (5.2MW) by Marubeni Europower
  • HyMarnham (9.3MW) by GeoPura and JG Pears
  • Langage Green Hydrogen (7MW) by Carlton Power
  • Tees Green Hydrogen (5.2MW) by EDF Renewables Hydrogen
  • Trafford Green Hydrogen (10.5MW) by Carlton Power
  • West Wales Hydrogen (14.2MW) by H2 Energy and Trafigura
  • Whitelee Green Hydrogen (7.1MW) by Scottish Power

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