US backs $50bn clean hydrogen hubs


October 19, 2023

The US Department of Energy has announced seven winners in its tender to be regional hydrogen hubs that are set to be worth a combined $50bn when completed.

The department has backed the seven projects with a total of $7bn, which will be used to leverage further private and public investment. The winners are:

  • Appalachian Hydrogen Hub (up to $925m DoE funding)
  • California Hydrogen Hub (up to $1.2bn)
  • Gulf Coast Hydrogen Hub (up to $1.2bn)
  • Heartland Hydrogen Hub (up to $925m)
  • Mid-Atlantic Hydrogen Hub (up to $750m)
  • Midwest Hydrogen Hub (up to $1bn)
  • Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub (up to $1bn)

The department picked the winning projects from around 80 bidders.

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