US plans 12 offshore leasing auctions by 2028


April 25, 2024

The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is set to hold 12 offshore wind leasing auctions until 2028 for sites in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific.

Deb Haaland, US Secretary of the Interior, announced the five-year plan yesterday, including:

  • 2024 leasing rounds in Central Atlantic, Gulf of Maine, Gulf of Mexico and Oregon
  • 2025 leasing round in Gulf of Mexico
  • 2026 leasing round in Central Atlantic
  • 2027 leasing rounds in Gulf of Mexico and New York Bight
  • 2028 leasing rounds in California, Gulf of Maine, Hawaii and another US territory

Haaland said this would give certainty for developers, investors and other companies in the US offshore wind supply chain.

She said: “Our offshore wind leasing schedule will provide predictability to help developers and communities plan ahead and will provide the confidence needed to continue building on the tremendous offshore wind supply chain and manufacturing investments that we’ve already seen.”

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