Vestas partners with ArcelorMittal on green steel


January 16, 2024

Turbine maker Vestas has established a partnership with steel giant ArcelorMittal to use low-carbon steel to reduce carbon emissions in the production of its turbine towers.

The low-carbon steel is set to be made at ArcelorMittal’s Industeel Charleroi steel mill in Belgium and then turned into heavy plates for use in turbine towers at an ArcelorMittal facility in Gijon, Spain. Vestas plans to start using the low-carbon steel at its 1.1GW Baltic Power offshore wind project in Poland, where construction is due to start in 2025.

Dieter Dehoorne, head of global procurement at Vestas said: “Finding ways to decarbonise the emissions produced during the raw material extraction and refinement of steel is vital for us and the industry in general. Vestas sees the partnership with ArcelorMittal and the adoption of low-emission steel as a significant lever in reducing CO2 emissions within the wind industry.”

Jarosław Broda, chief executive of Baltic Power said: “The use of low-emission steel from Vestas and ArcelorMittal in our wind farm underscores our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. We are proud to lead the way in transforming Poland’s energy landscape as we progress towards completing the construction by 2026.”

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