ZincFive appointed approved battery system supplier by ABB

October 12, 2023

Oregon-headquartered nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery-based energy storage system provider ZincFive has been appointed an approved supplier by ABB for the delivery of UPS [uninterruptible power supply] systems that include NiZn battery systems. 

ABB has completed a comprehensive set of tests of ZincFive’s nickel-zinc battery-based ‘BC Series UPS Battery Cabinets’ to ensure full compatibility with their UPS systems. The testing was done by ABB and ZincFive in their US and Switzerland locations to certify ZincFive’s BC Series on the ABB MegaFlex UPS platform.

Sébastien Surply, head of power protection, ABB Electrification, said: “ABB works closely with innovative companies to provide customers with sustainable option. “Extensive testing has ensured ZincFive’s NiZn batteries meet data centre safety, performance, and reliability requirements. The adoption of NiZn technology will enable our MegaFlex UPS solutions to provide high levels of power protection and will support customer decarbonization goals.”

ZincFive CEO and co-founder Tim Hysell, said: ““As the importance of sustainability in data centre backup battery systems continues to grow, companies such as ABB are leading the industry in bringing the power of good chemistry to the data centre market. Our shared commitment to reducing carbon footprint and operating costs without sacrificing safety or performance is what makes this collaboration a great benefit for ABB customers.”