Nikolai von Stieglitz Grune




With over a decade in PR and communications, Nikolai has honed his capabilities across multiple sectors, including tech, entertainment, leisure, telecoms, FMCG, property and retail.

Passionate about the written word, he is obsessed with unlocking meaningful and compelling stories for clients, taking pride in understanding the needs of the business, and how to get there. An approach he applies to his clients at Tamarindo, driving change to make the world a cleaner place.

Omnivorous in experience – from music festivals to mobile phones, multinationals to minnows – Nikolai is driven to deliver highest-level strategy, consultancy and targeted brand communications.

Born in California, nobody wants to talk to him about his beloved San Francisco Giants (MLB) and 49ers (NFL). His love of bicycles and cookery goes down better in group chats.