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Agreeing PPAs in 2023
Published June 21, 2023

PPAs are evolving fast with parties agreeing more complicated deals to adapt to power price volatility and new technologies. For example, the potential of power-to-X PPAs is now being assessed by clients.

PPA dealmakers are innovating ways to successfully structure aggregated or multi-buyer deals and reduce transaction costs by having a lead buyer. But, as this panel explains, such a novel transaction requires meeting shaping demands of the various offtakers. Aggregated PPAs are seen to have great potential to reduce risks and improve outcomes for all the parties, developers seeking large volumes included. The deals appear in markets such as the UK, the Netherlands and France.

This webinar will address:

  • What are buyers looking for in terms of technologies and tenor choice?
  • How are the parties changing their approach to risk in 2023?
  • What are the pros and cons of aggregated and power-to-X deals?
  • What is the impact of PPA renegotiations seen in Europe?


  • Cristina Brooks, Journalist and Analyst, Tamarindo, [Moderator]
  • Phil Dominy, Director, Power & Utilities, EY
  • Mikkel Kring, Partner, Our New Energy, Aarhus
  • Alexandre Soroko, Head of PPA Advisory, Greensolver

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