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Juha Sarsama, Ilmatar Energy – Why we became an IPP as well as a wind developer

Published by Tamarindo Group and A Word About Wind.

Published February 16, 2022

Growing global ambitions and rising costs are raising the heat on companies in the wind sector. What are the big opportunities and challenges after the pandemic?

We caught up with some industry leaders to discuss the key trends that will be shaping up the wind industry in 2022.

In this video, A Word About Wind’s Editor in Chief Richard Heap interviews Juha Sarsama, CEO, Ilmatar Energy

Juha Sarsama

Juha Sarsama has a vast experience in leading and developing growth companies as well as working in finance and M&A related issues. At the beginning of his career Juha worked as an attorney at law and as a legal expert advising companies in issues related to financing. Later he’s been working as a CFO and CEO of a software company. Last twelve years Juha acted as a CEO and Investment Director of Panostaja Plc., a Nasdaq Helsinki listed private equity firm.

Juha has Masters of Law degree from Helsinki University and M.Sc. from Boston University (Brussels). Juha has experience of running a listed company as a CEO and as Board member.

“Wind power is growing and developing fast and it offers a concrete solution to solve the climate crisis. The experience and knowledge of Ilmatar can be taken to the next level and that target is worthwhile and meaningful to me. The growing interest of various investors towards this industry and other renewables adds dynamics into this field”, Juha summarizes.

It is important for Juha that the work he does has an impact. In Ilmatar the impact is very concrete throughout the organization and in everyday operations. Nature and hiking are important parts of Juha’s free time. In his job role he’s committed to preserving that nature for generations to come.

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