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Michael Hannibal, CIP – Why power-to-X is key for hard-to-abate sectors

Published by Tamarindo Group and A Word About Wind.

Published February 16, 2022

Growing global ambitions and rising costs are raising the heat on companies in the wind sector. What are the big opportunities and challenges after the pandemic?

We caught up with some industry leaders to discuss the key trends that will be shaping up the wind industry in 2022.

In this video, A Word About Wind’s Editor in Chief Richard Heap interviews Michael Hannibal, Partner, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Michael Hannibal

Joined CIP in 2017 as Partner and is responsible for CIP’s Floating wind development and furthermore responsible partner for the technical solutions in relation to the offshore development projects.

Mr. Hannibal has worked more than 26 years within power generation business, on different types of power plants, including hydro power generation, substations and electrical transmission and distribution systems.

Mr. Hannibal started his career in ABB where he had approximately 10 years as a high voltage engineer and general management positions, followed by approximately 13 years in Siemens Wind Power.

Mr. Hannibal has a track record of more than 20 years with renewable energy business, including more than 7 years as CEO Siemens Offshore Wind, a business setup with factories in different regions and more than 8000 employees globally. Mr. Hannibal played a key role in the remarkable growth of the wind sector, and the positioning of Siemens Wind Power as a global market leader in offshore wind and a top three player in onshore wind. Mr. Hannibal has through the years been a major driver of the constant development of offshore wind, the industrialization of the offshore wind sector and making offshore wind real, and part of the energy mix in many countries. Furthermore, Mr. Hannibal was a key player in getting the world’s first floating offshore wind turbine established in 2009 and getting floating wind matured.

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