Rallying for change on a key industry issue to drive credibility and trust

With the aim to reduce operations and maintenance costs for wind turbine owner operators by 30%, ONYX Insight needed a communications partner to launch an entirely new brand to the renewables market, creating a platform from which the business could scale rapidly.

Recognising the strength of its industry understanding, ONYX Insight appointed Tamarindo to build out its brand. The full brief involved launching a new brand in a competitive marketplace, driving early-stage lead generation for fleet monitoring and predictive maintenance, communicating the benefits of the business’ real-world engineering experience, driving the profile of the brand, and showcasing the business as a thought- leader and trusted partner to the wind industry.

As the predictive maintenance space was increasingly filling with mixed, contradictory information, we started by crafting the messaging for the campaign, clearly differentiating the ONYX Insight offer from others. We then conducted a full review of external messaging including website, social media, and sales and marketing content, ensuring that customers were getting a unified and coherent narrative from the business.

To kick off the PR campaign, Tamarindo built a strong pipeline of commercially focussed press releases that demonstrated the successes of the business to date and showcased its broad capabilities. This activity drove media engagement with the brand, generating over 10 interview and byline opportunities in which the business could leverage media endorsement to share its differentiated position in the market, alongside over 50 pieces of wider trade media coverage.

But this was not enough.

We knew that, in order to cement the ONYX Insight brand into the minds of potential customers and earn credibility and trust, the business needed to take a strong position on key industry issues.

Working with the business leaders at ONYX Insight, we identified data access as a major challenge for potential customers, with the majority of OEMs in the market not providing access to owner operators. While this was a known issue, no one was championing the cause or rallying for change.

The “Data Access’ thought-leadership campaign came to life through a series of whitepapers entitled: “Standing in the way of control,” and “Thinking about tomorrow.” These papers laid out the facts, explored potential solutions and provided owner operators with the tools they needed to ensure they were getting the necessary data to efficiently run their assets. To build on ONYX Insight’s facilitator role, we launched a working group for stakeholders in the industry to come together and discuss the issue.

This campaign resulted in over 25 pieces of coverage in influential trade media as well as a 2/3rd page write-up in The Daily Telegraph entitled “Wind industry epitomises relevance of data in new economy”, which was also syndicated online. The brand launch increased website traffic, brand mentions, and inbound new business leads fivefold and gave the ONYX InSight senior management team a clear metric of campaign success.

Tamarindo increased the media coverage secured for ONYX Insight every year, with over 150 pieces annually, along with additional high-tier media opportunities including the Financial Times, Forbes and Bloomberg. Our work included eight further thought- leadership content campaigns, which continued to position ONYX Insight as a thought- leader in its target market and generate inbound commercial leads for the business.


pieces of coverage


interviews and bylines


thought-leadership reports


website traffic, brand mentions and inbound leads

“Following a competitive pitch, we appointed Tamarindo based not just on their PR and communications skillset but also on their clear and proven understanding of the commercial realities of building out a brand, from the ground up. This, combined with their global industrial and energy focus made them an obvious partner of choice as we scaled up.”

Bruce Hall

CEO, ONYX Insight

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